Agility, scalability, availabity are drivers for moving workloads to AWS. Successful customers adopt AWS native services as these are designed from the ground up to be resilient and scale. AWS services are managed by AWS product teams which reduce the undifferenciated heavy lifting which is not desired by customers.

Speaking to OpenShift on AWS customers there is a clear move to adopt AWS services like RDS, dynamoDB, S3.

Customers making use of OpenShift in a hybrid context may desire integrations which allow teams to manage , provision and expose native services via the OpenShift interface.

The desire here is: Take advantage of agility through familiarity, allow developers and operators to continue working with the tools, systems and process they already know, while adopting new AWS services.

Reduce technical ramp up time, through prescritive consumables allowing teams to build out AWS Services providing a limited number of inputs.

In the following sections we will explore various integrations which allow OpenShift users to manage, deploy and consume native AWS Services.