Amazon controllers for Kubernettes

As customers migrate workloads to the cloud there is the desire to further modernize applications workloads by taking advatage of native AWS services. AWS native services such as relational database RDS, or nosql dynamoDB, Simple Queing service SQS are designed from day one to be scalable, resilient and managed so that customers can use them without the Undifferentiated heavy lifting.

Though some customer migrate application workloads to the cloud in a lift and shift fashion making use of the portability of containers. These workloads are layer modified replacing layers with native AWS services. Typically we see customers adopting Database and storage services, queing, messaging, caching, then moving onto a growing list. With more than 170 services customers are attracted to AWS for scale, resilience, board service coverage, security and cost.

More traditional enterprises have cloud centers of excellence which provision cloud services on behalf of other teams. As companies adopt of left to the left approach the desire for self service and developer / operator enablement increases. This can be catered for in many ways. Being able to manage this from within OpenShift provides agility through familiararity, a reduction on hat, context and interface switching.

The Amazon controllers for Kubernettes is an open source project allowing dev and ops teams to provision AWS services from within OpenShift using Kubernettes commands. The endpoints, and creds needed to consume these services are stored in the OpenShift secrets and can be bound to applications running in OpenShift.

The Amazon controllers for Kubernettes has now been taken over by the AWS container service team and will be going through a complete redesign and will become a tier 1 Open Source Project.

For dev and ops teams looking to manage AWS resources from within OpenShift itself this is certainly a project to keep track of.